Breast augmentation- Thing to be considered before and after the treatment

Are you planning to undergo a breast augmentation procedure? Have you just completed the procedure and are confused about what to do after the treatment? Here are some important things you should consider before and after breast augmentation, revision, or reconstruction surgery.

What to consider before breast augmentation

1 Breast implants are not permanent. They have a lifespan and the longer you have them, the likelier you are to experience complications, local side effects, and would need to have them removed and replaced with new implants.

2 Capsular contracture, implant removal, reoperation, and deflated or ruptured implants are known to happen immediately after a breast augmentation procedure. There are various other complications that you should be prepared for as well, like scarring, asymmetry, wrinkling, local infection, and pain.

3 There is a strong possibility that you will need more surgeries and reoperations sooner or later, so assume the worst and prepare yourself.

4 If you are planning to get your previous breast implants removed without any replacement, you are very likely to experience wrinkling, loss of the breast tissue, puckering, dimpling, and other adverse, undesirable changes to your breasts.

5 You may need to get your breasts checked regularly for the rest of your life. In case of any abnormal and sudden changes, should see a doctor immediately.

6 If you are planning to get breast implants, your risk of anaplastic large cell lymphoma or ALCL, a rare type of cancer that forms on the breast tissue around the implant, may increase. ALCL is completely different from breast cancer and may need to be treated using chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, or a combination of any two or all three procedures.

What to consider after breast augmentation

1 Mild bruising and swelling will happen and will continue for a few days after the surgery. It will subside over the course of the next few weeks.

2 You may remove the dressings (except the skin tapes) a day after the surgery. The skin tapes are placed directly about the incisions and have a skin adhesive, so you may wash over them without worrying about them falling off. These strips will eventually fall down by themselves.

3 Once the tapes are gone, you may continue covering the incisions using gauze dressing every week. If possible, avoid still water for at least two weeks after the surgery. Running water is fine, but swimming pools, bath water, and hot tubs are not good for you during the two week after the procedure.

4 Avoid wearing underwire bras for at least a couple of months because the wire can change the position of your new implant. You may have to wear a tight sports bra, a wide and elastic bandage, or a post-surgery bra around your breasts. The bandage can be removed while bathing, but they should be applied tightly later on.

5 You may be sent home with a drainage bulb, in which case you should empty it three times a day and record how much fluid is coming out. The last part is important because it helps your surgeon determine when to remove the drain.

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