Different Hair Removal Methods

For many people and especially those who are too much concerned about their appearance, unwanted hair growth on different parts is always a major concern. Many usually result to some temporal methods such as over clothing so as to hide the hair. This is a common problem especially when the person plagued by this problem is a woman and especially if the problem is on the face or the bikini line.

If you identify with this problem, it is important to understand that there are many hair removal methods some of which will give you temporary results while others are ideal for long term solutions. Below are some of the methods available to you if you wish to get rid of unwanted hair:


Waxing is one of the commonly used methods especially among women. However, it is good to understand that there are two different types of waxing namely cold and hot waxing. In cold waxing, the wax used is normally cold while hot waxing utilizes hot wax. The method is however the same and the wax is smeared on the affected areas and allowed to attach for a few minutes before being removed using a narrow piece of cloth, striping it off using one swift pull. The wax is peeled from the skin along with the body hair leaving the skin hairless.

The process is however painful and uncomfortable and especially if the wax used is hot. Waxing can be done at home if you have the required waxing products or in a spa where you might have to pay for the services. This solution is only temporal and you will only stay for a few weeks before the hair starts growing again.


This is commonest methods not to mention that it is also the cheapest of all the hair removal methods known today. It has been used for many years to get rid of facial hair among men and women have also used and especially those unable to access other unwanted hair removal methods. The disadvantage with this method is that it could leave your skin feeling itchy and due to the roughness involved, the skin could develop some bumps and leave an unpleasant look. Shaving does not remove the hair follicles and is therefore temporal with the hair re-growing within a few days.


Laser hair removal is growing very fast in popularity and especially due to its permanent and long term results. The process is normally carried out by trained and licensed physicians in spas and clinics and therefore you should expect it to be a little bit pricey but some beauty clinics offers in affordable price such as CoLaz Advanced Beauty Specialists. During the hair removal, a laser or light is focused on the hair follicles to destroy the hair roots thus retarding the growth process.

It does not irritate and the healing process only takes a very short with no much attention required to facilitate the healing. There is no incision involved in laser hair removal. Technology has also developed some laser equipments that could be used at home instead of going to a spa or a clinic but this should be approached with caution.

Creams are also available although these are known to react differently on different kinds of skins and therefore should be approached with care. Always seek to understand your skin and the effects before using any creams promising to help get rid of unwanted hair.

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